2016 Michigan Credit Union League:
Shared Branding Task Force

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James Boehler Marketing Specialist Lakes Community CU
Eric Brubaker CEO Members First CU
Jacqueline Buchanan President/CEO Genisys CU
John Buckley CEO Gerber FCU
Mary Carnarvon LaHousse CEO Unified Communities FCU
David Cibulka CEO/President United Financial CU
Jim Francis CEO Jackson Community FCU
Hank Hubbard President/CEO Communicating Arts CU
William Lawton CEO Community Financial CU
Aldo Martin General Mgr./ Treasurer Great Lakes Members CU
Allan McMorris President/CEO Oakland County CU
Diane Moilanen Development Consultant Settlers FCU
Terri Papiersky CEO South Central CU
Mark Richter President and CEO First United CU
Janet Thompson President/CEO Village Community CU
Dean Trudeau President/CEO Public Service CU
Nancy Wasczenski CEO PARDA FCU


Staff Liason: Heidi Kubinski: Executive Assistant and Manager of Board Relations: Michigan Credit Union League

Charge: Assist MCUL staff in researching and developing a shared branding concept that will assist credit unions in building a case as to the reasons to collaborate, determine what areas in which to collaborate, and how a credit union will benefit by collaborating on back office functions.

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