2016 Michigan Credit Union League:
Community Reinvestment Initiative Committee

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Chair: Hank Hubbard: President/CEO: Communicating Arts CU

Brenda Lippens CEO Delta County CU
Natalie McLaughlin Business Partnership Coordinator Community Financial CU
Ken Roznowski Vice President Lending Dow Chemical ECU
Vickie Schmitzer CEO Frankenmuth CU
Beth Troost Financial Education Coordinator Michigan Credit Union League - LANSING


Charge: Make recommendations to the MCUL CEO and MCUL Board as to the relevance of financial services and community outreach efforts for unbanked, low wealth populations through the research and development efforts of the CRI Councils utilizing the CRI Product Review and Implementation Process. Provide input as to the MCUL CRI Annual Survey and Aggregate Report and continue to increase awareness of CRI amongst the Michigan credit union system.

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